Store Management Challenges

What are the challenges typically voiced by the retail store manager?

    • "I don’t always have the right mix of product on the store floor."
    • "It's difficult for me to manage the replenishment process because I don't have visibility of stock on hand - either in the backroom or the store floor. That's mainly because I don't have an accurate and reliable stock system. It's also too time consuming to count stock on a regular basis."
    •"The DC often sends me stock which I don't need and less of the items which are running low."
    •"Sometimes I receive inaccurate shipments from the DC and it takes a long time to verify goods received to the dispatch note".
    •"I spend a lot of time rummaging through the back store looking for specific stock items to replace products requiring replenishment on the shop floor".

Reflect RFID has been designed to solve these challenges and empower Store Managers to raise the level of store performance.