RFID Source Tagging

Overheer’s Reflect RFID application has been fully integrated as a module of the ITL Group’s LabelVantage Online Source Tagging Platform.

As a result, Overheer offers retailers a complete end to end RFID solution from a single provider.

LabelVantage comprises of the following modules:


    Contains all of the specifications of the RFID labels including encoding requirements.


    ITL systems integrators work with the IT function of the retailer in order to set up the exchange of RFID label order information between the retailer’s garment purchase order system and LabelVantage.
    The systems integrators also develop the data extracts required for the automated print and encoding system, LV-Print.


    LabelVantage simplifies the label ordering process for garment manufacturers via an intuitive online ordering facility.
    Label order information is extracted from the Retailers ERP and distributed to ITL’s global Print & Manufacturing Service Bureaus in order to enable customers to place orders online.


    LV-Print is the automated variable data printing and RFID encoding component of LabelVantage.


    LV-Trace provides order status enquiry and management reporting facilities.

    Reflect RFID

    Reflect RFID completes the end-to-end solution by offering retailers the software to increase store performance taking advantage of RFID.


RFID Tag Selection

The selection of the appropriate RFID tag is critical to the effective operation of Reflect RFID.

Overheer works in consultation with leading RFID tag technology companies to ensure that customers are provided with the correct tag at the most cost effective price.


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