Reflect RFID | Features and Benefits

Reflect RFID is a cloud based application designed by Overheer and ITL to assist retail store managers to achieve a step change in the performance of their store.

Goods Receiving

    • Validate incoming shipments from the DC.
    • Accurately book inventory into the back store.

Inventory On-Hand

    • Comprehensive inventory record keeping and reporting.
    • All inventory movements captured automatically via an RFID scan.

Rapid Cycle Counts

    • RFID enables a daily count of all inventory on hand at a typical mid size store.
    • Well over 100 items may be counted each minute such that a full count may take place in under an hour with minimal labor.
    • The inventory "snapshot" is used locally by the store manager and can also be integrated with the retailers ERP system for use at a group level.
    • This regular count ensures accurate visibility of inventory information used to manage the replenishment process.

ERP Inventory Accuracy

    Reflect RFID can be easily integrated with a retailers ERP system to provide regular updates to inventory records.
    • This regular update provides a basis for improving the accuracy of the ERP inventory records, which in turn leads to more effective inventory management at a store group level.

Item level Search and Locate

    • The search Geiger feature of an RFID scanner enables store personnel to quickly locate inventory in the back room and/or shop floor to replenish gaps in the in store product range.

Shop Floor Replenishment

    • Greater inventory visibility leads to having the right mix of product on the shop floor and therefore increased sales.


    • RFID tags can be identified as having been sold or not.
    • If an item leaves the store without having been recorded as sold, then that item will sound an alarm and be recorded for further analysis and action.



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