About Us

Overheer Systems was established in 2009 with the goal of developing an RFID application to address the needs of the retail store manager in optimizing the availability of inventory and overall store performance.

In 2015, the ITL Group purchased a majority share in the company from Philip Lassner, the founder and current CEO of Overheer Systems.

The ITL Group operates a global network of RFID printing and encoding service bureaus which offers retailers the source tagging capability to effectively deploy RFID.

To learn more about the ITL Group visit www.itl-group.com

When garments are tagged with RFID labels, the Reflect RFID application, developed by Overheer Systems, empowers retail to more effectively manage their stores using the power of RFID technology.

• Fewer out of stock and missing items and therefore increased sales.
• More efficient and cost effective store operations with RFID being the key enabling technology.
• Goods receiving
• Cycle counts
• Replenishment
• Locating items

To learn more about the features and benefits of Reflect RFID click here.



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